AEDAP3000 : Acoustics Emission Data Analysis Program

for Inspection Experts and Reviewers of Structural Failure.

Specially designed Software Applications for Acoustics Emission Testing (AET) and Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

for Detecting Structural Failure, Corrosion, Leakage and Crack.

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AEDAP3000 Main Program

AEDAP3000 : Acoustics Emission Data Analysis Program

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AEDAP3000 : Acoustics Emission Data Analysis Program

AEDAP3000 : Acoustics Emission Data Analysis Program

The use of the digitized wave form in Acoustic Emission Testing (AET) to determine the source of the AE Signal has for many years been dependent on the training and expertise of the operator. In order to improve the reliability of the interpretation and consistency of results special software programs have been developed over the years such as the well-known MONPAC program and Vallen AE-Suite, however these programs leave out the actual source determination.

The AEDAP3000 General program has been developed to allow the operator to with reasonable accuracy. Determine the source of the activity being detected by the AET system at a reasonable cost to the user. This version provides a library of source AE Signatures for several different materials of construction, based on practical confirmed field tests and laboratory studies conducted by 'Stanley F. Botten' (MANVI TECH LLC, USA).

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